I am an artist, designer -maker. Creating unique fabric bags from wonderful fabrics and art pieces from natural hand dyed, stitched fabrics and found objects.
Bags are available for sale through folksy,
CraftsAlive in Llandeilo and direct contact with me.
Art pieces available through contact with myself.

I studied Textiles Art at Goldsmiths College, London. I have always loved sewing and have previously had a business designing and making ballgowns and wedding dresses.

One of my present interest is in creating unique fabric bags and household objects. The designs are continualy changing as I explore the possibilities.

Each bag is unique, fabrics reoccur in different bags but each finished bag is individual.

I use natural materials where possible and source vintage fabric lengths and end of lines. I am especially enjoying using damaged welsh wool blankets, giving them a new lease of life.

In my artwork, I am exploring natural dying and ways of expressing the beauty of nature even when it's in a state of decay. Those small details and discoveries that bring such pleasure and speak of the wonders of creation.

The juxtapotion between man made and the natural and the effects of time and weather. Impermanence, change, renewal.

Please contact me about sales and commisions. I can create a unique bag just for you, using fabrics special to or chosen by you.