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First major art piece

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

This piece was created this year for an exhibition at Newport Cathedral, open till the 22nd April '18. It incooperates many interests that I have developed.

I love handsewing and the piece is all hand stitched.

My interest in the beauty of creation, of how beauty is still there even when nature is in a state of decay, of those beautiful details that you have to look carefully for but are real gems. How I see God's beauty in the cycle of renewal and decay in nature. The fabrics are all reused, dyed with materials from nature. The fabrics were treated with soya milk prior to dying to aid the take up of colours. I love the random element of dying with natural materials, the unpredictable but wonderful surprises.

I have stitched in 'found objects' from my local walks, sheep's wool, hazel nuts, pebbles from the local stream.

The theme of the exhibtion is 'Icons'. For me nature is an 'Icon' that draws me to reflect on God. I named the piece 'Winter Icon' as the dyes and found objects were collected over autumn and winter 2017.

I intended the piece to be more abstract but as I worked on it the image became more literal.

It is an interesting process allowing the piece to develop as I worked.

I still need to take photograps of the finished piece because I continued working into the piece after this series were taken.

Winter Icon

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